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The Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia has provided personal injury legal assistance for people on Long Island and throughout the surrounding area for decades. Stephanie Ovadia has handled all types of personal injury matters, from car accidents to medical malpractice claims. She understands personal injury matters and has made personal injury practice in New York a primary area of practice. By doing so, Stephanie Ovadia has helped more than a thousand clients in all walks of life with their personal injury matters. With her Nassau County office conveniently located in South Hempstead and just minutes away from Exit 20 S off of Long Island’s Southern State Parkway, Stephanie Ovadia provides free initial consultations for all potential personal injury claims. But her legal practice does not stop at personal injury law. In addition to personal injury, Stephanie Ovadia provides legal assistance in various other areas of law, including entertainment law and contract drafting and negotiation.

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The Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia has a long history of not charging a consultation fee to evaluate legal matters no matter the area of law. Like our sign says, “ALL LEGAL MATTERS ARE WELCOME!” for a free, initial consultation.

Personal Injury No Fee Guarantee

In a typical personal injury case, the Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia works off of contingency fees and the client only pays if he or she is compensated in the personal injury matter (provided the client chooses the applicable method of computation).

Conveniently Located

The Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia is conveniently located on Long Island in South Hempstead, mere blocks away from Molloy College. The Nassau County office is located close to Exit 20S off of the Southern State Parkway.

Long Island Personal Injury Attorney

When a person is injured in an accident due to the fault of another, the results can be devastating. What once seemed routine can require significant effort and simple tasks can become insurmountable obstacles. Medical bills, missed worked, and other costs quickly add up. In a place like Long Island, with its relatively high cost of living expenses and property taxes, making ends meet can be a difficult, if not impossible task in the best of conditions. All it takes is one accident, one distraction, one mistake, and a family can be forever-altered due to injuries. This is why that when a person is injured through the fault of another, it may be very important to have a personal injury attorney evaluate a potential legal claim. Important legal deadlines may be missed and evidence might be lost by failing to retain an attorney soon after an injury occurs.

Stephanie Ovadia is a licensed New York State attorney with more than thirty years of legal experience. Stephanie Ovadia began working as a personal injury attorney on Long Island in the mid-1980s. After a few years of working in a Long Island personal injury law firm, Stephanie founded the Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia in 1993 to represent individuals in personal injury matters. Stephanie has represented thousands of client achieve fair and just compensation for their injuries over the course of her career. Commonly handled cases include car accidents, wrongful death matters, and slip and falls.

Over the years, Stephanie has also expanded her areas of practice into contract law and entertainment-related matters. Today, the Law Office of Stephanie G. Ovadia is located in South Hempstead, New York on Grand Avenue, and provides free initial consultations for all potential clients.



Over the last several years, Stephanie Ovadia has practiced contract drafting and negotiations. She has experience drafting various types of legal documents in a variety of areas of law.

Per Diem

Stephanie Ovadia is an experienced litigator. She has handled civil cases from inception to trial. She is available to cover court appearances in New York City and Long Island.

Personal Injury

With more than thirty years of personal injury experience, Stephanie Ovadia has handled thousands of personal injury cases. She has handled everything from car accidents to wrongful death claims.

Entertainment Law

Stephanie Ovadia has represented a wide variety of clients in the area of entertainment law, from famous stars to those just looking to break into the entertainment world.


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