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Long Island Premise Liability AttorneyNew York law imposes a duty on property owners, occupiers and controllers to maintain property, free and clear of dangerous and defective conditions. This duty also applies to any person or business entity that puts a property to a special use or derives a special benefit from it.

Premise liability actions are a type of legal matter that seeks to hold one or more of these types of people accountable for dangerous and defective conditions present on a property.

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Premise Liability: An Overview

Under New York law, a duty is imposed to maintain property free and clear of dangerous and defective condition for those that own, occupy, control, or put property to a special use or derive a special benefit from it. (See Segura v.City of New York, 70 AD3d 670, 892 NYS2d 870 [2d Dept 2010], quoting Guzov v. Manor Lodge Hodling Corp.).

Premise liability is a broad area of tort law involving negligence maintenance of property. Although people tend to the equate premise liability actions with slip and falls, the two are not synonymous. While a slip and fall action would be a premise liability action, not every premise liability requires a person to slip, trip, or fall.

A premise liability action is based on the negligence maintenance of property that results in a dangerous and defective conditions. It is the carelessness or recklessness for the maintenance of the underlying property and the resulting injuries sustained that are the primary issues of a premise liability action.

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